API Client ID

How do I get a client_id for API development, please?

I have checked Binance documentation at https://developers.binance.com/docs/login/web-integration where it recommends contacting Binance, but I can’t seem to find which channel to contact. The instructions given are as follows:

To begin, your application should identify the needed permissions (scope) firstly. Setup and register your application with Binance Accounts, and get your client_id . For now, please contact us.

Anyone with the same issue?


has ne1 managed to get the client_id? according to docs we should email oauth-apply@binance.com, which I did 5 days ago without any kind of response, e.g. mail receipt, rejection etc.

@apobek Please contact Binance Customer Support.

Hello, that is to integrate Binance’s specific data with a 3rd party app as partnership, it’s outside of this forum’s scope, you can try to reach out to Customer Support directly.

If you’re looking for API trading development, the official API documentation is: https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#change-log