API call to receive coins based on pairing.. BTC/USDT paired coins only

I am trying to pull a list of the BTC and USDT coins on binance with the following url:‘https://api.binance.com/api/v3/ticker/price’,. The problem is this pulls back every coin which is 853. How do I narrow it so I on;y get the BTC and USDT paired coins only? I know you can do it one at a time, but I want a whole list. I am using ajax/javascript to try to complete this. Here is my full code.

var myArray =
myArray = response

i’m confused about this question, please let me know what data do you want?
Do you want the list of trading pairs? or the ticker price of one pair?

https://api.binance.com/api/v3/ticker/price’… this provides you a list of all 853 coins. I don’t want to receive any coins that are paired with ETH, or PAX, or BNB etc. I want to receive only the coins that have btc as the base and usdt as a base. So the ability to just get all the USDT coins for example is what I am hoping to get. So it would be a list of trading pairs narrowed down to their trading base pair.

ok thank you! i will do that!

thanks for the details. For this case, the only way is to get all pairs and filter them from client side.
The endpoint only provide filter on single symbol.