API BROKEN for GET /api/v3/account since yesterday

Hello, since yesterday all attempt to get the account position from the GET /api/v3/account is returning some crazy old data, sometime 5mn in the past then jump to 2 mn in the past, any order execution will not be reflected to the account at least not until sometimes 20mn, etc…, it is to the point that it is impossible to trade using the API, everything was perfectly working fine before and I never had any trouble, so is there any known issue with the API?

Yes, the account function is lagging so much to the real data, I can see it trying to catch up over time several minutes but it seems it cannot, every new order executed is pushing the lag ahead, still not working here. It really looks like a load balancer issue pointing to an outdated data server depending of you being lucky or not…

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Having the same issue. There is a complete chaos in return values of /api/v3/account, they jump randomly to the past and back many times. Especially during the last 6 hours.

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Indeed, I reported to the support and I said it is fine to get a delay in the reply if necessary during pressure time but at least we should get the perfect data, getting random value in the past just to have a quick reply does not make sense at all, so I hope they can fix it.

The main problem is that the data is not just delayed to prevent high load, it could be very old. A few minutes ago I got a reply definitely belonging to more than 30 minutes in the past, and seems that the things may get worse. Even 30 minutes are like an infinite amount of time in the rapidly changing crypto trading world; and I can’t see any other API method to get the account balance.

I agree, so if they need to delay more ( i mean in seconds unit of course) in order to give back the correct account information then it might be acceptable, I am quite sure API traders will prefer exact data than quick reply during high load, clearly it was a chaos, it has to be connected to recent updates because I never had such of bug before.

I’m encountering the same issue. Definitely agree with you that delayed data is better than incorrect data, because incorrect data is useless.

Hi. The team is aware of it and working on it now. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Having the same issue too

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Thanks for sharing the observation. Now it must be more stable. Let us know if you still face the issue.

The order query also sometimes responds with order not found error. After a while, it responds with the correct data.

The bug seems like to me that the responses contain outdated data.

However, this issue really makes API trading really hard. Hoping for a quick fix.

Having same issue here. since last several hours, and not solved yet.

This is not a new issue and it can affect every single API call, even from their own web interface.

They seem to prefer making money now with the morons who decide to keep using it, than to provide a good service and retain their customers.

Their system was obviously built and designed by people who never handled high availability or even financial systems. You can be sure that they would never pass any financial audit, and yet they fool around with our money.

Unfortunately, the recent update did not fix the issue 100%, it is less frequent after the update, but we can still receive old data account after calling the endpoint, at this time of testing I could not see a difference of more than 2mn in the past so far and I got only 2 errors, I will continue to monitor and report if I am seeing more anomalies.

So in case it could help, here are some anomaly events that occurred since my last post regarding that endpoint, time is in UTC server time, delta time in the past ranged from 1 mn to 6mn (in average) with a maximum of 64mn (which happened only once)

4/25/2021 9:33:23 PM

4/25/2021 9:33:32 PM

4/25/2021 9:42:30 PM

4/25/2021 10:24:42 PM

4/26/2021 12:07:57 AM

4/26/2021 12:07:57 AM

4/26/2021 12:08:02 AM

4/26/2021 12:09:58 AM

4/26/2021 12:16:07 AM

4/26/2021 1:39:43 AM

4/26/2021 2:00:42 AM

Eventually if some of the binance team is reading, I had like to suggest to add a timestamp field “updatedTime” also in GET api/v3/ticker/price (apparently there is none now) , because if in the future we have the same bug with the Symbol Price Data than with the Account Data it might break a lot of API logic code and generate losses, at least with such of field we should be able to discard old Symbol Price Data if such of bug is happening with servers lagging during high pressure (for API traders using realtime data), just a suggestion thought.