API and Secret key is not working as expected

Hello, I have a problem and I need help.

I am developing an application to help trade on Binance exchange. The app works on several accounts I’ve tried it on, but it doesn’t work on my account.

  1. I entered the API key and Secret Key correctly
  2. I know it works because the application reads the balance from my account
  3. Streaming works too. Everything I do on Binance directly, I see in my app.

It DOESN’T work to place a trade (new position) and close a position.

When I use the api and secret key that I created on my binance account, the application does not work for me. When I use the api and secret key from a colleague, the application works.

The api and secret key were created in the same way and have the same settings - included:

Enable Reading
Enable Futures

What could be the problem? Why are my api and secret key not working?

Could you please share the API request you made along with the error message you received?

If the error mentions ‘Invalid API-Key, IP, or permissions for action,’ you might find a solution in this post: why do I see this error "Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action."

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