Any reason for Binance API to not send every convert from endpoint?

I’m using the Binance API for a project that I’m working on.

In this project I have to get all the transactions related information from an account in order to estimate the balance of it. In order to accomplish this task I’m using multiple endpoints, /sapi/v1/convert/tradeFlow being one of them. According to the API, this endpoint returns every convert done in an account given a few parameters.
I have a CSV spritesheet that contains all the information of the account I’m working on and there’s one convert that the API is simply not returning. In the same request, the API can return converts from before AND after this convert I’m talking about, but never have I ever received IT.

My question is: is there a reason for this behaviour? Has anyone encountered this same problem and if you solved it, how did you do it? Lastly, if anyone knows, could this be an API issue?

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It’s hard to guess the reason without seeing the actual information. Maybe these questions can help you troublesome:

  • Are you doing any processing of the API response before looking into result? If yes, query the endpoint and look into the raw response for comparison.
  • When looking into the CSV file, do you observe a different pattern between the convert trade that’s missing from API response and other convert trades? Maybe the “orderStatus” is not successful.

I haven’t seen other similar reports so far.

The CSV that was provided to me contains the following structure:


And its a CSV generated by Binance itself.
Every convert contains the operation name “Binance Convert” and this specific convert is no different.
I am doing no prior processing of the result that is returned. I simply save it to a JSON file to then further analyse it. Every transaction in that CSV is (as far as I can tell) only successful transactions.

The convert that I’m looking for is the following:
XXXXXXXX,“2023-01-02 09:57:22”,“Spot”,“Deposit”,“EUR”,“19.64000000”,“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”
I’ve blured out the User_ID and “Remark” fields for privacy sake

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