Any idea how to make more than 160 Million API request on Binance? (getting klines)

Can anyone help me with this?

So I need to get klines for every coins on Binance with 1 minute interval for last several years.

But as Binance API has 1200 API request limit per minute(and getting 1minute Klines for a coin for a single day cost 1440 API request), it seems hard to achieve it.

Do you have any idea how can I achieve this, or any idea?


The only way to get large amount of market data is through the websocket stream. There is also a combine stream feature such that you do not violate the number of open connections allowed for a user.

Thanks for the answer.
But doesn’t web socket can get me only current live data not the past data?

Yes you are right. I was suggesting that moving forward instead of relying on the kline for past years data you can consider caching it somewhere using live data.

We do provide historical data for you to download here (
There are also download scripts so that you do not have to download it one by one manually (GitHub - binance/binance-public-data: Details on how to get Binance public data)

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