Any API endpoint which will return all BTC's pair and price?

Any API endpoint which will return all BTC’s pair and price?

Not available, but you can follow one of below options to achieve that:
1- Use /api/v3/exchangeInfo to get all the symbols containing BTC and pass those symbols to /api/v3/ticker/price to get their latest prices;
2- Use directly /api/v3/ticker/price to get the latest prices for all symbols and exclude out those that are not BTC related.

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Thanks for right answering. 1 point will resolve my problem. Is there any endpoint which will return volume and MACD oscillator value of a pair?

indicators like MACD is not available, exchange provide “raw” data like ticker, kline, etc

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Any API end point which will return 24 hour changes in price of a pair? @dino

Appreciate your accurate and quick response.