allOrders list

I have 100 open orders, I can ask the list. good. I want to see what orders are filled today? I have to ask coin by coin and make all constructions not to overload the system. why not ALSO a simple list ? (Can be limited in time or amount)
-the allOrders select on time and not on Update time
-the myTrades does not provide clientOrderId (buy/sell)

Other exchanges have … it would solve a lot of trouble. I see also I am not the only one asking this.
Please can you provide ? or tell me why not please Thanks

Sending one request to server and expect returning trades/orders from over 700+ pairs, that is not a good practice and can be very “expensive”.

I would suggest receiving these data from websocket connection, which is fast and convenience.

and what is the difference with getting 100 open orders or your balance from every pair ?
you think that putting 700 requests every hour is better than 1 request ?

There is the solution to obtain all orders…
you can split the long list by “pages” and send the requested page only.
There are a lot of exchanges witch do not consider this request as “expensive”

The raw order list is available in any API of a registered broker on any regulated market.
CME trades tons of options. There is no any problems to get the list of all orders for instance.

About cryptoexchanges.
Look here, please
As you see all parameters are optional.

I would ask you to consider to implement this really useful feature.

sorry, but that take long time. If the websocket is the solution, can you tell me how to connect it to my excel file ? I find no information

yes, if you have trades on each pair, then sending one request on each of them is necessary. Our API server is working well with high traffic. And the API endpoint has to return data quickly.

Unfortunately I don’t have knowledge of how Excel working with websocket.