all possible values for `status` Field and HTTP Responses

Hello Binance Support,

I am currently integrating the Binance Futures API into my trading application and need some clarity on the status field values and possible HTTP response values for New Order and Modify Order (TRADE) requests.

  1. New Order (TRADE) Request:
  • What are all the possible values for the status field when HTTP response = 200 OK?
    Is NEW the only possible value?
  • What are the other possible HTTP response values and their meanings?
  1. Modify Order (TRADE) Request:
  • Similarly, what are the possible status values when HTTP response = 200 OK?
    I have seen NEW, PARTIAL_FILLED and CANCELED, are there any other cases?
  • What are the other HTTP response values and their meanings?

I have scoured the official documentation but couldn’t find specific sections detailing these values. Any insight from the community or the Binance team would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

Please check the API document, there are enums values for the order status:

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Hi dino,

The question is more on the possible values for the 2 REST API calls.

For example, the only possible status from New Order (TRADE) I’ve seen is NEW. Otherwise it would just be a HTTP error.

Just want to get an exhaustive list of all possible status for each endpoint, thanks.