Aggtrades 'quantity' column: is it expressed in base currency or quote currency?

As per binance-spot-api-docs/ at master · binance/binance-spot-api-docs · GitHub
when querying aggtrades, response is:

    "a": 26129,         // Aggregate tradeId
    "p": "0.01633102",  // Price
    "q": "4.70443515",  // Quantity
    "f": 27781,         // First tradeId
    "l": 27781,         // Last tradeId
    "T": 1498793709153, // Timestamp
    "m": true,          // Was the buyer the maker?
    "M": true           // Was the trade the best price match?

Considering for instance a ADA/USDT pair.
What is the unit of ‘quantity’ column?
Is it 4.70443515 ADA?
Or is it 4.70443515 USDT?

Thank you for your help!

The quantity represents the amount of the asset traded. For example, in the ADAUSDT pair, it shows the quantity of ADA traded for USDT.

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Thanks for your help!