add sub account to a master account via api

I’m new in Binance. I’m trying to work with php API.
My goal is to create/assign sub account under my master account via API. I need to do this with sub account holders API key and secret key and sub account holders will provide me those information.
Also I want to add sub account as spot or margin account.
Please help me to choose API links . If my planning has any fault or mismatch, please correct me with your right proposal.
Please help me, its urgent.

Creating sub account from master account is not available from a standard account. However if you joined the Binance Broker Program, they will provide extra endpoints for account management.

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Thanks Dino,
I was pretty unclear about my goals. Actually I’m trying to develop a copy trading system.
My client given me the project. As I’m not so familiar with those terms, can you help answering some of my queries:

1 Is there any API Binance provide for copy trading?

#2 Can my clients make/maintain copy trading providing me their API key, secret, risk factor?
#3 My client given me this project this project saying that , he wants a page where his clients(who want to get the copy trading service through the website) will input their Binance API key, secret and risk factor for margin / spot trading. Is it possible to develop a web application where copy traders will input their API key ,secret and risk factor and the web application will hit some Binance API and trades/patterns will be copied From my clients master account to copy traders account , may be like ?
Please let me know the facts, its very very urgent.
If my concept has any gap, please feel free to correct me.

Simply say YES, you can “copy the trade” to Binance API server. However you should contact broker team and how they can help you with this. Otherwise it’s not easy to manage the sub accounts.

Thanks for your solution. But I’m not talking about Broker account where sub account exists.
In my first post, sub account concept was wrong. I’m working with normal accounts.
In my situation Master account is a normal . Other normal account holder will get the copy service through our web application providing their API key and secret.
Is there any api service for copy trade for normal accounts?

If i’m right, you could provide a UI/API to your client. After received the user’s request, your system can send a request of POST /api/v3/order to Binance to place an order. This may be what’s your “copy trade”.

Binance API only care if the parameters and signature are correct or not, it responses base on the request.


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I have the same project did you get any solution?