ACCOUNT_UPDATE event missing information

Hi guys, I have 1 LONG position and 1 SHORT position open, I add more balance to my positions and the ACCOUNT_UPDATE payload, it does not give me all the information correctly, only the information of the modified position, when it should give me the information of the LONG, SHORT and BOTH, does anyone know why?

  'T': 1680924615111,
  'E': 1680924615118,
  'a': {
    'B': [{
      'a': 'BUSD',
      'wb': '393.92501374',
      'cw': '393.37120868',
      'bc': '0'
    'P': [{
      's': 'BNBBUSD',
      'pa': '-0.08',
      'ep': '311.38500',
      'cr': '113.64870620',
      'up': '-0.02840000',
      'mt': 'isolated',
      'iw': '1.24296285',
      'ps': 'SHORT',
      'ma': 'BUSD'
    'm': 'ORDER'

You added balance to your positions one at a time, so it’s expected for the ACCOUNT_UPDATE to be received one at a time as well. So far, looks normal to me.

But according to the documentation, in the message they must arrive, the three updates, LONG, SHORT and BOTH,

Until the end of 2022, the 3 arrived, I have logs where BOTH, LONG and SHORT arrived, I stopped my strategy the first months of this year and now when resuming it, It failed, for this reason, when previously it did not happen