Account Informations, should include bridge Pairs

Hello everyone.

I want to know, Why there are no bridges in Account Information. We have our Assets without Pairs.
Since we only have 1200 requests, we need to try all available Pairs, by request (GET /api/v3/exchangeInfo)

Exemple of Account Informations ( GET /api/v3/account (HMAC SHA256) ):
“balances”: [
“asset”: “SOL”,
“free”: “69.68006011”,
“locked”: “0.00000000”

How we know if pairs is SOL / USDT, BUSD, BNB, BTC ?? in our account…

It should be:
“asset”: “SOL”,
“free”: “4763368.68006011”,
“locked”: “0.00000000”,
“bridge”: “USDT”,
“pairs”: “SOLUSDT”,

Now we know if we want something about our assets, we have the bridge or the pairs.

It’s less requests for us and your server, no?


May I know what’s the definition of the bridge pairs and why it is needed in account information? You can query /api/v3/exchangeInfo without any parameter and extract the pairs including a specific asset to get all the available trading pairs.

Besides, if the data format is changed to what you shared, does it mean the response body of account info will become much longer than the current one? Bridge and pairs are strings so if there are multiple trading pairs include SOL, for example, one object in balances array above will have to be an array of objects.