Account creation date

I need to know when the account was created to bring all deposits and withdrawals since this date.

For example: If the account was created on 01/01/2020, I will make requests in periods of 90 days from this date to the current moment to sum up all deposits and withdrawals from the account.

Please contact binance CS to get your account creation time. You can also check your previous notification email from binance to get the creation time

I need this via API

GET /sapi/v1/accountSnapshot this endpoint to fetch account snapshot can be as a workaround.

Thank you.

But this endpoint does not have this information.
It also doesn’t have the updated information for the current day.

I will have to make several requests since the founding of Binance in 2017 to ensure that I get all deposit and withdrawal data from the account / wallet.

There would have to be a simpler method, as shown on the Binance App Deposits and Withdrawals screen, without a date filter, it always brings everything and with infinite scrolling through a “limit” parameter for the amount of records.