Account Activation failed for

I tried registering a new account on When I click on the link in the verification email I get “Account Activation Failed - Please check your activation link and try again.” . Is that my problem or a system problem?

I am also having the same issue. I have tried multiple email account and IP’s. I do think it may be an issue on their side.

This seems to be resolved now. I am able to activate my account.

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Thanks for the prompt WayneEld. This also seems to have worked for me now too.

Still not working. Been trying for about a week now.

Hi. Could you please try again? Futures testnet was down for some time before.

Hi Ishuen, I tried logging in again, which sent me an email again, which failed again with the same error when I clicked the button in the email to activate the account.
I then thought I would try registering again - instead of logging in - using the same email address and got exactly the same result.
As an aside: I find I do not get the email when I first log in or register, I have to press the “Resend email” button on the activation page to actually get the email to be sent. I am not sure if that is normal?

Working for me now Ishuen. Thanks for whatever you did! :wink:

Hi, i have the same issues. I tried to register, could do all the entries but no eMail was sent out. Any idea how to resolve this?

I confirm there have been many issues with the testnet environment recently, and today indeed you don’t receive the confirmation email when you register.

I’m currently having isssure verifying my account. What do I have to do or is this something that is currently being fix?

Hello, I also can not verify my account on the testnet due to same issue. How to resolve ?

I am also looking to try test environment but the email link is not being accepted by your server.

@Vu_Hoang @mp3por We’ve communicate internally about this. Thanks for reporting.

Still not working
After open link from email i can see only
“Account Activation Failed
Please check your activation link and try again.”
I was try drom diff emails - no result.
Help, pls

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I am facing the same problem here. I’m getting an activation email but when I click on the verify button it says Verification Failed!

I have the same problem! The provided link doesn’t work, where can I report this issue?


Still not working

Same thing happening here. Seems that I cannot create a test account

It is still not working. Any help is appreciated .