Account Activation failed for

I tried registering a new account on When I click on the link in the verification email I get “Account Activation Failed - Please check your activation link and try again.” . Is that my problem or a system problem?

I am also having the same issue. I have tried multiple email account and IP’s. I do think it may be an issue on their side.

Thanks for the prompt WayneEld. This also seems to have worked for me now too.

This seems to be resolved now. I am able to activate my account.

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Hi. Could you please try again? Futures testnet was down for some time before.

Hi, i have the same issues. I tried to register, could do all the entries but no eMail was sent out. Any idea how to resolve this?

Hi Ishuen, I tried logging in again, which sent me an email again, which failed again with the same error when I clicked the button in the email to activate the account.
I then thought I would try registering again - instead of logging in - using the same email address and got exactly the same result.
As an aside: I find I do not get the email when I first log in or register, I have to press the “Resend email” button on the activation page to actually get the email to be sent. I am not sure if that is normal?

Working for me now Ishuen. Thanks for whatever you did! :wink:

I confirm there have been many issues with the testnet environment recently, and today indeed you don’t receive the confirmation email when you register.