Access Denied when accessing

Hi, I am trying to use the Binance Fiat Widget on my website by accessing from my website or a browser gives Access Denied. I’m accessing via localhost using http.

Attempting to follow the instruction here which don’t work due to the access denied issue:

Not sure if it is a cloudflare issue.

AccessDenied Access Denied 2ZHK48PMG8N4N0EG lh5CTM4Ze5LGZYrPelT/58Kd4idR55CoSYJGq6oHPq5nlL8RkiyHT4MWA4jIRrtrNxK47eb9ghc=

note: The previous widget worked fine
but is now broken so using the new one recommended above - but cannot get it to work.

Hi, thanks for raising this issue. Looks like it’s a universal issue so it’s not just you.

Can you try and use the NPM Package version instead? @binance/fiat-widget - npm

You need to install it in your JS/TS project npm install @binance/fiat-widget and then style and use it (there’s also instructions on the link I provided above):

import {Widget} from '@binance/fiat-widget'

const options = {
    locale: 'en',
    width: 200,
    theme: 'dark',
    coinInfo: {
      fiat: '',
      crypto: '',
      isInUS: false
    urlParmas: {
        ref: '',
        us_ref: '',
        utm_source: ''

Widget('#widget', options)

Place the div in your page
<div id="widget"></div>

Thanks for the update. My Website is built in Visual Studio using just Javascript (NOT typeScript) … is there a nuget package I can install or is there a repo with a copy of the file in it?

Many thanks.

We also shared the issue with the team.


@John-Blair this should be fixed. Please have a try.

Thanks for the update. Yes the access denied issue is fixed and the widget looks presentable now on my website. However the Buy button no longer does a useful job. e.g. if I want to buy ALGO crytpto with £100 GBP the button takes me to the url

Pasting in partial url as the editor replaces above full url with an image “/en/buy-sell-crypto?fiat=GBP&crypto=ALGO&amount=100&ref=55731656”

which is correct, but it immediately redirects to

Pasting in partial url as the editor replaces above with an image “/en/crypto”

with the screen populated with 15 EUR and 16.4 USD, which is not what I had configured on the widget.

The widget is now totally useless. Could you please investigate if you can make the widget work i.e. not do the redirect to the 2nd url above? Thanks.

I’m trying too to get running the “fiat-widget”. As it semms, it works better now. But i’m running in something like a cache bug or so…

  • If you enter only a “Amount to spend” in the widget, where the Fiat curr. (here EUR) and the Crypto (here BTC) is predefinied over options, the widget passes mostly no ref. number and even no Amount.

  • If you set up the whole thing, with entering a Amount, a new Fiat cur. and an new Crypto, then it passes the right setting for one time.

  • Every Time you switch ALL the settings, it seems to work…

  • Then if you are switching only one param, eg. the Amount, it is passing the Amount from the last entry instead of the new entered.

So i’m really close to @John-Blair … Like this, the widget is not really usefull. Is there any chance, that this will be fixed in the near Future by the Team, @dino ?

Since the same issues are present, when you create a testfile with simple only the widget in it, i think it is def. a widget internal bug. But maybe you can guide me to better ways.

Thank you all.