About the websocket data for candle sticks

When I am trying to get the websocket data for the all pairs in binance using websocket most of the pairs are missing
the code i am using is `const binance = require(‘node-binance-api’)().options({
useServerTime: true, // If you get timestamp errors, synchronize to server time at startup
recvWindow: 100000
binance.websockets.candlesticks(pairs, “1m”,(candlesticks)=> {
let { e: eventType, E: eventTime, s: symbol, k: ticks } = candlesticks;
let { o: open, h: high, l: low, c: close, v: volume, n: trades, i: interval, x: isFinal, q: quoteVolume, V: buyVolume, Q: quoteBuyVolume } = ticks;


Hi, creator of node-binance-api here.
To connect to all websocket endpoints at once you can follow this example here:

Please note that this won’t work using the depth() or the candlesticks() functions because it needs to download the chart history from binance in addition to connecting to the websocket, meaning it’s not safe to connect to more than a few of these at a time without some sort of delay or timer. You’re only allowed 1200 request weight per minute.


the code itself looks fine, however please try to reduce the pairs and see if you can get the information.