About funding rate realtime ?

Hi Binance Futures Support,

I’m researching funding rates on Binance Futures and have a question regarding the difference between the displayed funding rate on the user interface and the result obtained using the ‘/fapi/v1/fundingRate’ API.

On the user interface, I see the funding rate is ‘-1,…%’. However, when I use the ‘/fapi/v1/fundingRate’ API to query the funding rate is ‘-0.00586696’ for TRXUSDT symbol



Please provide some insights to help me have a clearer understanding of how funding rates work on Binance Futures and how to get in via API endpoint.

Thank you!

The endpoint provides only the historical funding rate, while the UI is giving the current rate, so they may be different.

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Hi @dino ,
So if i want to get current rate via API, which API should i use?