45 sec delay in Binance server

Hi guys,
I have received the following message via my websocket (SPOT)

{'e': 'executionReport', 'E': 1667608909188, 's': 'BTCUSDT', 'c': 'VHOa6ZRs8o0jkq6P4zNJUg', 'S': 'BUY', 'o': 'LIMIT', 'f': 'GTC', 'q': '0.01090000', 'p': '21223.47000000', 'P': '0.00000000', 'F': '0.00000000', 'g': -1, 'C': 'bLj1UZDTBazq6Th8bZC5sQ', 'x': 'CANCELED', 'X': 'CANCELED', 'r': 'NONE', 'i': 15098278746, 'l': '0.00000000', 'z': '0.00000000', 'L': '0.00000000', 'n': '0', 'N': None, 'T': 1667608909188, 't': -1, 'I': 32197689314, 'w': False, 'm': False, 'M': False, 'O': 1667608863147, 'Z': '0.00000000', 'Y': '0.00000000', 'Q': '0.00000000'}

E=1667608909188(Event time) , and O=1667608863147( Order creation time), so …~45 sec of delay inside the server of Binance, between receiving the order and executing it ?!?
Why is that ? Is it regular event ?

You will receive the message when the order is cancelled.
Those two messages were pushed from 2 different orders cancellation. Time between them has nothing to do with message delay.

Please look at them one by one. Those are 2 different orders, but the server has received the cancellation order at time X and execute the cancellation at X+45sec. Sorry for the confusion I will delate one of the messages for better clarity.