-3000 Internal Server Error


I keep getting -3000 Internal server error back from status requests on sapi/v1/margin/order.

string(22) “Internal server error.”

In my flow, in which I access the api on various occasions and with all the needed end points (on spot, margin cross, and isolated endpoints), I have no other errors at any time, in my whole script,

Just every time I have a stop limit order in the system and query the status to see if it’s (NEW, FILLED. CANCELED) etc. it comes up with this error like 5 out of 6 times.

I cannot find this error anywhere in the documentation and it looks like it’s on Binance side.

Does this have anything todo with rate limiting ?

I have tried several ways to test it and for some reason I can’t nail it down. When I run a simple script, in a loop with 2 second delay per loop, I get the error on both: /sapi/v1/margin/order and /sapi/v1/margin/openOrders. Just querying the status of one order.

Is it possible that I over hit the rate limiter ?

It’s frustrating because it takes like a couple of seconds (like 8+) before the error returns and the strange thing is that I can query the api in multiple ways which never return any or that specific error.

If it was the rate limiting I would expect a ban at a certain point or at least the 1003 error, which i have never received up until now.

Any ideas what this can be ? I tried to contact binance via chat for several weeks and it seems there’s never an agent online, so couldn;t get a hold of someone.

Thanks !

Hi @bassie661 Sorry for the inconvenience.

This error is caused by performance issue in the backend and we are working on it. It has no directly relationship with the rate limit, I would suggest to retry in the client side when seeing this error message. Hope we will fix this soon.

Thanks for your patience

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Hi @dino, do you already know when this issue will be fixed?

@LoroDialog Sorry I don’t have update on this one yet.

Hi @dino,

No worries, for the rest it works like clockwork, I can imagen the stress on the system is growing with the day lately. I hope they fix it soon.

Happy to hear it’s not on my side :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply !

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