-1001 Error. Internal error; unable to process your request. Please try again

I luanch an new order request for future USD-m BTCUSDT and get this error. What does this error mean?

Does this error happen in exchange side?

When this occurs - does this mean an outage on the exchange (and is this only isolated to the instrument that I’m trading )?

My Request Parameters are as below:


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what was the https status code and is it easy to reproduce?


It occurs occasionally, epcially in 21:00 (T)~ 2:00 (T+1) at UTC+8 Zone.

I will try to reproduce the error and get its http status code in recent days.


http status code 503 appears when -1001 error occurs.

It’s a server error (not your fault). Happens a lot with binance. Best you can do is detect it and if you need to try again, try again.

Sorry to hear that, if it’s 5xx error, it maybe a spike in the backend. Please make sure you could handle the error and try again.

This error also occur when the quantity you want to buy or sell is greater than the current margin on your selected symbol open position. Use position.isolatedWallet instead.