-1001 Error. Internal error; unable to process your request. Please try again

I luanch an new order request for future USD-m BTCUSDT and get this error. What does this error mean?

Does this error happen in exchange side?

When this occurs - does this mean an outage on the exchange (and is this only isolated to the instrument that I’m trading )?

My Request Parameters are as below:


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what was the https status code and is it easy to reproduce?


It occurs occasionally, epcially in 21:00 (T)~ 2:00 (T+1) at UTC+8 Zone.

I will try to reproduce the error and get its http status code in recent days.


http status code 503 appears when -1001 error occurs.

It’s a server error (not your fault). Happens a lot with binance. Best you can do is detect it and if you need to try again, try again.

Sorry to hear that, if it’s 5xx error, it maybe a spike in the backend. Please make sure you could handle the error and try again.