What is http request limits at Binance API

To prevent abuse of Binance API, there is http request limit rule that every client need to follow. There are many details in the API document, here is just a summary of them.

If a client choose to ignore the limit and keep sending request to server over the limit, it will see status code of:

200 -> 429 -> 418 -> 403

  • 200
    • This is the success status code.
    • Nothing is wrong, the client is doing good.
  • 429
    • This is a ERROR code from server
    • The client should slow down
  • 418
    • This is a WARNING from server.
    • The client should stop sending another request immediately.
    • The response header has a retry-after value in second, telling how long the client has to rest.
    • The error message also give the timestamp that client should wait until then.
    • No one knows when the client will receive the further punishment.
  • 403
    • The client IP is blocked.
    • No one knows when the IP will be removed out of the blacklist.
    • No one can help to remove the IP out of the blacklist. The Customer Support is NOT helpful on this.
    • Ban duration can be from 2 minutes to 3 days.
    • Waiting is the only thing you can do at this stage.