Websocket Futures - Limits

Hey guys,
I’m trying to create a simple bot, i wonder if ill reach the binance limits with below stuff or not

I am creating this Websockets:

  • 128 (futures symbols) Klines Web Socket Connections with 1sec sleep between each connection
    each Websocket is only listening to one coin (i am not using streams)
    Sample code: (its not exact code, its just a simple example)
for i in binance_symbols: # 128 times(USDT coins)
    time.sleep(1) # 1 sec delay

Overall websockets i want = 138 (± 5)

so my question is: if i do this, will binance disconnect my websockets and ban my ip address or not.

these are technologies/libraries im using:

ccxt (will replace with CryptoFeed)

thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

Hi. There is no restriction on the number of connections established. Please keep an eye on the connection time and implement the reconnection mechanism if applicable. Once it reaches 24hrs, it’s possible to be disconnected.

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