TP/SL for futures API

Binance API is preventing users to set stoploss and takeprofit decently.
I can see from the web interface placing those kind of OTOCO orders/strategies works internally with the /bapi/futures/v1/private/future/strategy/place-order Endpoint, but it’s not accessible outside of the interface. Why is that, is there an hidden goal to keep it private or just lazyness ?

/bapi/ is not for public used, its functionalities can change with notification, so it’s not advised to use it.

As for OTOCO TP/SL not being directly integrated in the API, this is not something we know on our side, could be related with other priorities at the moment or other roadblocks, but the futures team is aware and there’s a workaround for its implementation, please consult:

Thanks for your fast answer, but it isn’t an acceptable workaround from a platform who aims to be number 1 and such an important functionnality