Testnet api key is blank

I created an account at https://testnet.binancefuture.com/

Then I’m prompted with a Futures Quiz. I answer all the questions correctly and after I hit the “Trade Futures” button which gives an error.

parse ERROR is can’t parse argument number:
Error: can’t parse argument number:
at bin.bnbstatic/static/runtime/main-7441bca45d3e69292298.js:1:430125
at bin.bnbstatic/static/chunks/vendor2.67e5a0e5.js:1:877297
at Object.next (bin.bnbstatic.com/static/chunks/vendor2.67e5a0e5.js:1:877402)
at a (bin.bnbstatic/static/chunks/vendor2.67e5a0e5.js:1:876129)

I figured I need to pass that quiz in order to use any features on the test environment. I click on the API tab and the keys are blank!

Make sure you are logged in.

I’m logged in and still having the issue. i tried logging out and back in multiple times.

Here’s some more info I pulled from the console. It doesn’t seem to be login related.

  1. Request URL:

  2. Request Method: POST

  3. Status Code: 400

{isFutureTutorialPassed: true, pathFilter: true}

{“code”:“000002”,“message”:"can’t parse argument number: ",“messageDetail”:null,“data”:null,“success”:false}

I fixed it by creating a new account under a different email address. When I did that I was able to see the api key/secret and I could finish the Future quiz. :man_shrugging: