Hello, there is an endpoint that is not available in the public API nor websocket but is available on Binance private API (binance.com/bapi)


Could not find this one in the docs either.
I need to retrieve the take profit and stop loss for an LIMIT open order (POSITION does not exist yet). Tried other ways to achieve this, but without success

Any ideas?

Hi mate,

I assume you’re attempting to create a Stop Loss/Take Profit for Futures via the API?

If that’s the case, please refer to this post/thread. It should also give you more context to assist in querying the TP/SL for a position/order: How to implement OTOCO(TP/SL) orders using API - #24 by gold-er
and this one: How can I attach TP/SL to binance.futuresSell/buy - #4 by jonte


No… actually I want to GET the TP/SL of an open order, not to set them…

  1. I’m listening to an account with user stream
  2. He adds a LIMIT order with TP&SL
  3. the LIMIT order comes OK
  4. no info about the TP/SL is sent from Binance tot the endpoint

How can I get the TP/SL orders? I’ve seen there is a strategyId created in Binance Futures.
Please check the endpoint I’ve mentioned: https://www.binance.com/bapi/futures/v1/private/future/strategy/query-open-strategy

@jonate any updates?