Futures LIMIT order got expired, what's the reason could be?

Q: Why my LIMIT order is expired?

  1. Any order that been cancelled by system, reasons can be:
    • Liquidation
    • ADL
    • etc
  2. timeInForce check failed. e.g. GTX order is failed due to the price is better than current best price.
  3. stop or take_profit order is triggered, but failed during margin check.
  4. stop or take_profit order with reduceOnly is triggered, but there is not open position to close/reduce, then the order will be expired.
  5. The reduceOnly open order is replaced by another reduceOnly open order with better price.
  6. The reduceOnly open order is expired due to current position has been closed.

The scope of this topic is limited to futures only. Not apply to spot.