Fiat deposit/withdraw history and fiat payments history are partially broken

The following two endpoints return wrong data:

  • Fiat deposit/withdraw history endpoint: /sapi/v1/fiat/orders
  • Fiat payments history endpoint: /sapi/v1/fiat/payments

Silently failing and not returning data for >60 days time frame

Querying both endpoints with a time frame greater than 60 days silently fails and returns an empty answer:

{'code': '000000', 'message': 'success', 'data': [], 'total': 0, 'success': True}

Max time frame should be 90 days and most importantly the endpoint should return error -4047 CAPITAL_DATE_INTERVAL_LIMIT and not silently fail.

Data not available prior to Jan 2020

Fiat payments history endpoint returns no data for payments before made prior to January 2020. Possibly affects the other endpoint, but I don’t have data to check.

Only returning one result per request.

When several results should be present in one answer, only the last payment is returned. Affects Fiat payments history and I don’t have data to check for Fiat deposit history.

Hi @hrld, thanks for opening this post, however we don’t have access to user data here to have an example case to test the USER_DATA endpoint and further troubleshoot.
Could you please reach out to customer support? They’ll be able to forward internally.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

This endpoint was already broken 2 months ago and it was solved on this forum:

I want to emphasize this is not me incorrectly using the API but a bug report.
I will nonetheless send this post to customer support.

Thank you. As a bit more of context on the process, last time we already had other reports internally, so there was no need to ask to forward to customer support to gather client id, something sensitive here and we can’t ask for it.