Fiat Deposit endpoint is not honoring 'beginTime' parameter and response always limited to last 90 days

@ChrisB @danhowitt Thanks for your further information, we’ll pass it to the corresponding team.

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@aisling, I appreciate you taking this back to the team. It would be great to find out if there are any plans on the roadmap to improve access to historic transaction data. It’s a massive overhead to call every API endpoint with taxable events, most of which have a different query or paging limitations. There’s a whole host of tax companies on this forum; I’m sure they all are interested in understanding what plans are here.

@aisling is there any update on this issue? Will this endpoint always be limited to < 90 days.

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@danhowitt, this endpoint will be fixed in the near future, although don’t have an exact ETA.

This endpoint should be able to return records as before now (full records beyond and within last 90 days), if anyone still experiences issues, please open a new post with full details.