Deposit History - Credit Card purchases

This invalidates two months of work on my neural network system. I cannot calculate the average displacement without detecting FIAT deposits. Please help us !!!

This is such a letdown. I’m able to see the CC purchases in the webapp, so it should be possible to add them to the API.

@dino please, add this! And don’t just say its planned, its been half a year and this can’t be hard at all tbh… Is there a reason why you wouldn’t want the users to be able to access this information?

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Sorry, Fiat transaction is not available from API yet.

@dino Do you have any plans to include that in the API?

Unfortunately I don’t have the details of it. Sorry for this.

@dino I’ve heard it used to be in the API but then was removed. Is it true? And if it is, then what’s the reason why it was removed?

@dino Maybe you have an idea how to spot that fiat “deposit” within API context?

Because the cryptocurrency just appears in the account and can be withdrawn but there is no trace of if in the history. Any ideas would be great …

It’s able find the fiat deposit history from here:

@dino Those fiat deposits are not showing up in API history?

Not in API.

Do you have any plans to include CC purchases transitions in the API? We need that urgently in our tool.

We have this in the plan, but no ETA yet.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Still no ETA ?
I also need this in my system for making it easier to report my taxes.

I hope you still want to add this to the API.

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Please, make it available as this causes a lot of difficulties for tax filling !

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Please make this available. It is a really important data for tax.

Come on guys, it’s been almost a year since the initial request to add it. When is it going to be available? As everyone has to add all fiat purchases manually for the tax calculations and it’s such a massive pain in the lower back.

Hi! Any ETA for this feature? We also need Fiat Deposits History in the API. Cmon Binanz

Hi, Fiat deposit history was recently added to the Spot API. More info here

Hello, this feature isn’t working as expected. Please refer to this forum post