/api/v3/allOrders is buggy, as it returns incomplete response.

Not sure if it has been reported already, but I’m facing an issue with GET /api/v3/allOrders. This API does not return all the orders, though after repeatedly calling, some calls do return all the orders (that implies my call parameters are correct). The behavior is highly inconsistent. Please have a look at this API. There are many other users on the telegram group who are facing exactly the same issue.

Hi there, please refer to this post: /api/v3/allOrders is giving different response everytime

Does that address/solve the problem? I saw the thread. It does not solve it. Looks like it’s still a bug.

Hi @snawaz, didn’t notice your comment in the other post.

So by sending the same request url, you sometimes get response with orders from 2 weeks ago and sometimes not? Can you give examples to showcase the scenario (please include request url and response, omitting sensitive data)?

You’re almost correct, except that the orders are at least two weeks older (means some are many weeks older, up to 6 months).

I’m not sure what you want to know. The requested URL is as required by the API. If that is wrong, then it will not return all the orders sometimes and in fact there should be an error or so. Also, the response structure is as per the API. It is just that sometimes the number of orders in the response is less than the actual. So it’s like the API returns 28 orders for symbol MATICUSDT whereas the actual number of orders should be 40. However, if I repeat the call multiple times, it does return 40 orders in some of the calls.

Anyway, here is the relevant code (written in go). Please note that I’m passing startTime parameter; it is hardcoded because I want all orders after that time.